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Announcing the
ACM North Central North America 
Regional Programming Contest

Saturday, February 27, 2021


On Saturday, February 27, 2021, hundreds of contestants in the ACM North Central North America region (NCNA) will compete for "bragging rights" as top collegiate programmers. Teams at the "top of the heap" will advance to the North American Divisional Championship, then hopefully to the North American Championship from where they earn a berth at the contest's World Finals in Moscow Russia this summer!

The NCNA region includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Western Ontario, Manitoba, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and the UP of Michigan. If you are interested in showing how good you are -- or you just want to beat an arch-rival -- then get your team together and register!


Team Requirements

  • Each team member must be eligible, willing, and able to compete in the World Finals, and be enrolled in a degree program with at least a half-time load (not meant to exclude students on co-op, exchange, internship, etc.).
  • A team member must have begun college in 2016 or later and be born in 1997 or later.
  • A team member may compete in at most two World Finals.
  • A team member may compete in at most five regional contests.
  • All members must be certified by the team coach.
  • In some cases the coach may petition to extend eligibility. See the rules for team composition and appeals at the ICPC web site.



  • Select the three students who will compete as a team. This is frequently done with a local programming contest, but the particular selection mechanism is not proscribed by the regional contest rules.
  • Have a representative of the school serve as the team coach.
  • The team coach will certify the eligibility of the contestants, serve as the official point-of-contact with the team, and ideally accompany the team to the contest site.
  • Have the team coach complete the team registration procedure on the ACM web site. The coach should also register any reserve (alternate) team members and guests.
  • No fees are being assessed this year!
  • Contact the director of the site at which you will compete for details on the contest environment (equipment, driving directions, parking, housing, etc.) and to verify the site can accommodate your team.
  • Teams registering after January 22 may not receive a regulation contest t-shirt in time for the contest. See Contest Schedule for details.


Last updated: January 10, 2021

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